What role does Ferromanganese play in the steelmaking process

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In steelmaking, Ferromanganese is mainly used as deoxidizer and alloy additive, and it is the most widely used ferroalloy. The manganese ore for Ferromanganese smelting should contain 30 ~ 40% manganese, the ratio of Ferromanganese is more than 7, the ratio of phosphorus to manganese is less than 0.003. Before smelting, the manganese carbonate ore must be roasted first, and the fine ore must be sintered and lumped. The ore with high iron and phosphorus content can only be used together, or the manganese-rich slag with low iron and low phosphorus can be obtained by selective reduction. Coke is used as reducing agent in smelting, and the auxiliary raw material is mainly lime. When smelting manganese-silicon alloy, silica is usually added.


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