What are the uses of Medium Carbon Ferromanganese

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Medium Carbon Ferromanganese is characterized by a low carbon content and can be used in a variety of fields, but is still used more widely in the steel-making field. Manganese is a good element used in steelmaking. Medium Carbon Ferromanganese can greatly increase the hardness of steel in steelmaking and can be used to produce special steel, stainless steel and other special steel, the carbon content of medium carbon ferromanganese can be reduced to about 0.2 after special treatment. Medium-carbon Ferromanganese is an indispensable deoxidizer and desulphurizer in steel-making industry. It is necessary to deoxidize and desulphurize good steel in smelting process, and the use of the deoxidizer will greatly increase the cost. Therefore, Ferromanganese is a cheap deoxidizer. Desulphurization is to separate sulfur and other harmful substances in steel, make Ferromanganese reach the goal of desulphurization, effectively reduce the content of harmful elements in steel, improve the quality of steel. In the steel-making industry, the production of One Ton of steel consumes about 3-5 kg of 75% of the manganese. According to the carbon content, Ferromanganese can be divided into three types: low carbon: carbon not more than 0.7% ; medium carbon: carbon not more than 0.7% ~ 2.0% ; high carbon: carbon not more than 2.0% ~ 8.0% . The addition of Medium Carbon Ferromanganese to cast iron in foundry industry can be used as inoculant and spheroidizing material of ductile iron, which can prevent the formation of carbides, promote the precipitation of graphite and shorten the spheroidizing time greatly, greatly reduce the formation of impurities in molten iron, improve the quality of cast iron, improve the performance of cast iron. In addition, the utility model reduces the water inlet blockage of the smelting furnace and effectively prolongs the service life of the smelting furnace.

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